Webinar 30 Junho: “Visual Field Interpretation – Mastering the Basics and Avoiding Pitfalls”

“Visual Field Interpretation – Mastering the Basics and Avoiding Pitfalls”

Webinar in English

Visual field (VF) assessment is useful in several ophthalmic conditions, however its value is most frequently realized in the subspeciality of glaucoma, where it plays a vital role in evaluation of the functional damage. Automated perimetry is the current gold standard in glaucoma management. Although many perimeters are available, here we will deal with interpretation of VF printout of Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA) as this is the most commonly used instrument both in clinical practice and research.We would aim to understand the anatomical basis of VF defects (VFD), language and components of VF print out, thresholding strategies,
criteria and diagnostic clues, recognizing progression, pitfalls and recording errors.


By the end of this webinar, participants should be better able to:

  1. Understand the contents of HFA print out;
  2. Identify both early and established VFD;
  3. Decide whether it is due to glaucoma;
  4. Determine progression;
  5. Recognize pitfalls.

Dr. Vani Puri MS DNB

Dr. Vani Puri MD DNP

Vani Puri received her MS (Masters in Surgery) and DNB (Diplomate National Board) Ophthalmology from Mumbai, India followed by Fellowship in Comprehensive Ophthalmology and Phacoemulsification – Bombay City Eye Institute and Research Centre, Mumbai and Fellowship in Glaucoma – LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India.

She has been involved in Phaco-emulsification and Small Incision Cataract surgery training for Residents and Fellows both national and international.

She has served as a Commissioned Medical Officer in the Indian Navy and is presently working as Consultant Ophthalmology at SIGHT – Eye Care Centre and VM Salgaocar Hospital, Goa.

Webinar organized in conjunction with the Goa Ophthalmology Association.

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30 June 2018

Dr. Vani Puri MS DNP

(Goa, India)

“Visual Field Interpretation – Mastering the Basics and Avoiding Pitfalls”

7:30 am / 7h30 LAX
8:30 am / 8h30 DEN-HON
9:30 am / 9h30 MEX-COL-PER

10:30 am / 10h30 MIA-VEN-BOL-PAR-CHI
11:30 am / 11h30 ARG-BRA-URU

1:30 pm / 13h30 CABOVERDE

3:30 pm / 15h30 PORT

4:30 pm / 16h30 ESP-MOZ

8​:00 pm / 20h00 GOA

11​​​:30 pm / 23h30 TIMORLESTE

Webinar in English

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